Do it Best


Do it Best supports your business by providing a menu of programs to meet your unique needs.

Reload Centers

The largest nationwide network of strategic locations ensures we have inventory volume and equips us to quickly replenish your inventory to meet customer demand.

  • Lower member inventories create more member turns
  • Minimizes risk of market fluctuations
  • Mix and match products by the truckload
  • Millions of board feet available on a daily basis

Reserve Inventory

Our exclusive Reserve Inventory Program provides extended dating on lumber and building materials, enabling you to lock in project / bid pricing or inventory for truss/wall panel manufacturing.

Lumber Futures Program

Often used in conjunction with Reserve Inventory, Lumber Futures allows you to lock in profits and mitigate risks on long-term projects.

  • Basis trades allow you to purchase lumber in the future at a lower than market price
  • Largest user of EFP (Exchange for Physical)
  • Forward pricing allows you to quote product up to a year in advance

Freight Management Services

Our 25-year partnership with the industry’s premier transportation provider ensures you get what you need, when you need it—and we proactively send you delivery information to keep you ahead of the curve.

  • Proprietary algorithm software provides optimized rail car and truckload delivery
  • Daily update on rolling railcars
  • Three times a week truck delivery updates available
  • Available to help members move freight


Who is educating the next generation of LBM owners and managers in your business? Don’t leave it to chance. Do it Best offers training to position you for success far into the future.

LBM Academy


This three-day, interactive education combines the concepts of LBM School and School of Design. LBM Academy has course tracks for every role in your business including associates, designers, managers, and owners. Join us for this great networking event where you’ll leave more knowledgeable, more connected, and more confident in your selling.

Leadership Development Institute

Multiple Sessions Annually

LDI’s unique 5-day program provides tools and education to understand why people do what they do and how leaders can effectively manage themselves, their team, and their business. This program will help attendees grow as leaders, while learning from industry peers and interacting with leadership experts.